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Rocky the pup finds new home, ‘Ruffles’ still waiting

RANCHO SANTA FE — The little pup hero Rocky, the mighty mite who fought off a coyote’s appetite has been adopted.
Rocky will have a doggie buddy to pal around with in his new home. Plus, it seems that the two dogs will have a lot in common to ‘bark’ about. Rocky’s new family said their current dog had been attacked by a coyote some time ago, but also lived to tell the tale.
There is just one puppy, Ruffles, from Rocky’s litter still waiting for adoption,
Recap: About 10 weeks ago someone abandoned a pregnant dog in a vacant lot behind a convenience store in Kern County. All alone… she gave birth to six puppies. Later neighbors reported seeing coyotes circling the mommy and her babies, then saw one of the coyotes grab the smallest puppy and carry him away. We’ll never know why, but the coyote dropped the puppy, but by then the pup had been torn it open almost the entire length of his left side.
Neighbors picked up the injured puppy, its siblings and the mommy dog. They took the puppy to a vet to be stitched up, and then transferred all of them to a rescue organization in Los Angeles. The litter was then transferred to the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC).
When the puppies arrived at HWAC our adoptions staff named this “runt” of the litter, “Rocky” because, to survive the injuries he sustained during the coyote attack, he must have been a fighter.