Rancho Santa Fe

Riding club up for renovation

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Association gave its full support to the Rancho Riding Club, which is planning some renovation and aesthetic improvement for the property. 

The changes in the clubhouse will include repainting the exterior, replacement of the windows and doors, re-roofing the building and alterations to the entry terrace.

“Several wooden trellises are proposed throughout the property to provide shade,” said Robert Green, building commissioner.

The wooden siding on the barn is to be replaced and repainted. Some door and window alterations will be done as well as an addition of cupolas.

“They are going with white with green trim,” he said.

Green said the project has been run by the art jury, which has given it support subject to one condition.

“Landscaping is required to screen the project off-site,” he said. “If for any reason the final, approved landscape installation does not meet this objective, the Association may require additional plantings.”

The cost of the project will not be shared by the Association,

“The cost is borne by the riding club,” said Rochelle Putnam, an Association director.

In other Association news, Kathy Malick, an Association, member spoke to the board at the Sept. 20 meeting about the possibility of adding the opportunity for people to retire locally.

“You can do everything in Rancho Santa Fe, except grow old,” she said.

She said when people grow older and wish to downsize, it is difficult to do because there are few smaller homes that are conducive for retirees.

“How can we downsize and still stay in the covenant?” she asked. “This community is so dear to many of us and we love it here, but when you leave the community, you leave behind the lifestyle.”

She proposed creating lots for smaller custom homes for retirees to be placed somewhere off the beaten path like near the Osuna Ranch.

“We hear this as a board constantly,” said Larry Spitcaufsky, director. “I agree with everything you said.”

He said he understands that people might grow tired of the upkeep of a large home and multiple acres.

“I do think there is a real need for that,” he said.

Also at the meeting, businessman Tim Cusac, owner of Caffe Positano and Rancho Sandwich, spoke to the board about the demand from the Association that he remove all signs from his sandwich shop.

“The signs have been up for six years and no one has said boo,” he said.

Cusac said he wished the board had come to him personally instead of notifying his landlord.

“I’ve always been a responsible and respectful neighbor,” he said.

Cusac said that when Jack Queen was on the board, he made an effort to get to know the issues business people face who have their shops in the village and he wishes the current board would pick up where Queen left off.

Director Eamon Callahan said he understands.

“We don’t want to drive business out of here,” he said.

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