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Restore your facial and eyebrow hair for good

OCEANSIDE — Hair loss is typically dealt with in three ways: cover it up with a ball cap, wear a toupee or opt for hair restoration. But what about when the hair loss isn’t confined to just the scalp? Disease, age and even plucking can have a dramatic effect on facial and eyebrow hair. In recent years, advances in hair restoration have made beard, mustache, sideburn and eyebrow growth not just possible, but natural looking as well.

Facial hair is a common form of self-expression, and has been a style choice throughout history. But for some men, there has been no choice. Due to factors such as disease, surgical scarring and aging, many men find themselves unable to grow the facial hair that they have always wanted.

Starting at $4,500, beard and facial hair transplants can help to restore hair growth with results that are not just natural looking, but permanent, too. “We use the same hair transplantation techniques that can restore your hairline and adapt them to restore your facial hair,” Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD, said. “The results can add fullness and appear completely natural.”

Your eyebrows frame your eyes, making them a natural focal point of your face. Loss of eyebrows, therefore, can often be devastating to your self-esteem, particularly for women. “If you’ve lost your eyebrows to disease, trauma, medical treatments or aggressive plucking, allow us to help,” Wagner said.

Eyebrow hair transplants start at just $3,500, and the results are dramatic yet clients end up with the eyebrows they were meant to or want to have.

“Under magnification, minute incisions are made with a very small surgical needle,” Wagner said. “The new hairs are placed with precision and the right angle, into these sites positioning them the way they naturally grow.”

As with hairline restoration, MyHairTransplantMD offers two methods of facial and eyebrow restoration. “We offer a relatively new procedure called the FUE hair transplant,” Wagner said. “We also offer the FUG (Standard Strip) Method. Either procedure is effective to harvest the hair you’ll need to create the look that will make the difference.”

Both techniques place hairs the way they naturally grow. “The big difference is the way in which the hairs are extracted. While FUG excises long, thin strips, FUE makes a tiny circular punch around each follicular unit,” Wagner said. “While FUG involves a thin scar which is difficult to detect, FUE leaves only tiny circular marks that are also undetectable. There are no sutures or bandages with FUE.” FUG is a less expensive procedure because it is less time-consuming, while FUE procedures require a higher skill level and surgery time.

Recovery is relatively quick from hair or eyebrow restoration, and even faster if you choose FUE. “Following the procedure, you might experience some mild discomfort and occasionally patients experience swelling that is quickly resolved,” Wagner said. “Over the next few months following the procedure, new hairs will fall out, which is completely normal. Then they will regrow from the transplanted hair follicle. As the transplanted hairs grow into their new position, they won’t fall out ever again.”

MyHairTransplantMD is located at 2103 S. El Camino Real, Suite 201 in Oceanside. For a complete explanation of pricing and procedures offered, or to schedule a free consultation, visit their website at or call the office at (800) 262-2017.

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Sonali Sahu October 23, 2016 at 3:12 am

Right! But, Nowadays, many people are going for a facial hair transplant to give them a new look as well. And the cost of any type of hair transplant much differs from country wise. If you are going for a hair transplant in developed countries, then you should pay high in comparison of developing countries.

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