Residents randomly chosen for survey

The City of Vista has contracted BW Research to conduct a resident survey to study the views of Vistans. The results will be compared to survey results from 2015, also championed by BW Research.

According to city staff, the 2017 survey will launch before Dec. 15. Participants will be chosen by random and alerted by email, mobile or landline phone number.

The study is designed for the specific purpose of measuring a resident’s overall satisfaction in Vista when it comes to quality of life and city services.

The survey is meant to offer a springboard of data to help navigate the city and Vista city council with future decisions.

According to City of Vista communications officer Andrea McCullough, the survey should take roughly 15 minutes to complete. She also wants Vistans to know that while the Oct. 2015 resident survey served as a starting point, the current one will delve a little deeper than last time.

For example, if a priority for a Vista resident relates to traffic, the survey will probe more into matters such as roads, issues near a person’s residence or major arterial. These results will help the city in their planning.

“The main purpose of this survey is to measure resident satisfaction with the city’s overall provision of services,” McCullough said. “And we really want to know the residents’ perceptions about their quality of life.”

The goal of survey participants is to have 400 hundred results.

In the last survey, an overall 83 percent of the survey participants were satisfied with their quality of life. McCullough hopes that number has increased.

“If not, we want people to tell us why, so the city can focus on this and the city council can set priorities,” she said.

BW Research will conduct the survey for approximately three weeks.

“BW Research then summarizes the results and provides a report to the city council in the new year in either Jan. or Feb.,” McCullough said.

McCullough went on to say how the results will help serve the city in their planning and operations. Additionally, it will also assist the city council in their goal settings.

“We really want to know what residents think so we can provide that information to the city and city council,” McCullough said.

Based on the 2015 survey results which highlighted traffic concerns, McCullough said how the city focus changed on where and how streets were maintained.

McCullough encourages residents who are contacted to take part in the survey. She also reminds about the legitimacy in that residents will never be asked their social security number, bank information or other personal information to take part in the survey.

“We also understand how people may think they are getting spam emails,” McCullough said. “The survey will show it’s coming from coming from BW Research on behalf of the City of Vista.

If residents have any questions or concerns, they are asked to call the City of Vista at 760-643-5200


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