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Residents less like I-5 expansion plans

Difficult to fight big bro
The more residents learn about the proposed expansion of I-5 from La Jolla to O’side the more convinced they become parts of it izzn’t such a good idea. Like expanding to 14 lanes in some areas and wiping out homes. At this point it’s only ideas on paper that would cost $4.5 billion and take several decades to do. Early area residents recall it took a decade to convince the State Department of Transportation to build I-5 inland instead of slicing through the beach communities. That was the first time residents ever prevailed over Big Bro. Thousands of volunteer hours and lottsa of residents’ personal dough went into the effort. It won’t be any easier this time around.
Employee service contracts
Now that Solbeach has taken the lead in adjusting employees’ salaries, other municipalities are following suit. Police and fire personnel pay and pensions are the first to receive serious looksie. Other departments are expected to be next. A two-tier system where new hires receive less is being adopted. Makes sense.
Supervisors nix grant
With the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program under the microscope, County Supes declined to OK a $20,000 handout to Life Perspectives submitted for the second time by their colleague Bill Horn. County counsel advised them it was a religious organization. Supes Greg Cox and Dianne Jacobs are advocating stricter new rules be adopted for the multi-$$$$ program allocated by the supes annually.
Agenda policy
In 2009 the all-male Flower Capital Council troika adopted a policy mandating that agenda items have the OK of three of the electeds no matter if 100 taxpayers or more asked that an issue be agendized for public discussion. Efforts by the minority electeds to abandon this policy were ignored. That is the Encinitas way. The issue has not gone away with lottsa folks asking for change. More recently Tony Kranz, a council candidate, told the council the public was being ignored. Stay tuned.
Fall racing preps
22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds) has set up a $580 grand budget to cover initial costs like permits for a possible race meet in the fall of 2012 following Fairplex. It would be sponsored by Oak Tree Racing Association that has been at Santa Anita since its inception in 1969 until this year. It is being held at Hollywood Park. The Oak Tree Association favors Del Mar. Fairgrounds General Manager Tim Fennell said it will require shuffling some interim events but doable. A race meet would run until the Santa Anita winter meet that opens the day after Christmas.
Cell phone towers
Towers that are needed to provide cell phone communications are a growing bone of contention. Residents don’t want them in their neighborhoods but most depend on cells rather than land lines. O’side is one of the latest cities to decide it’s time for rules and regs and its electeds are now in the process of giving the problem a serious review.
One grand campaign limit upheld
U.S. District Court Judge Irma Gonzales has ruled the $1,000 cap on political campaign contributions for candidates in the Harbor City should remain in place. A higher cap was sought by groups and individuals who complained the cap was too restrictive and an infringement on free speech rights.
C’bad by the Sea retirement community recently observed the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II with a dinner that offered creamed chipped beef on toast and Spam. The troops called it SOS (S—t on a Shingle), and many had a great dislike for SPAM becuz it was on the daily menu.
Bound for France
La Costa Canyon high school junior McKenna Kurz will be going to France in November to compete in the World Championship in trampoline. The young bounder is given a chance to medal.
O’side’s Mission Avenue is being designed to become a one-way street in the future and has the enthusiastic OK of business … Expansion of the Cardiff Library, already a class operation, is under way … A train station, temporary or permanent, to serve the fairgrounds will be hashed over some more Oct. 19 when NCTD meets for its regular meeting … SDG&E has developed new statements it sez will be easier to understand … Roundabouts on El Camino Real east of Surfside City are planned; one being adjacent to the Polo grounds & Mary’s Tack Shop … C’bad Cultural Arts Office is seeking applications for its grand matching grants program … 9th District Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled tattoos and the art are legal under the 1st amendment in a case involving Hermosa Beach that wanted to ban parlors … The Padres are still dickering over a possible minor league ballpark in Escondido … Politicians will get less moola from the casinos becuz of the downturn in gambling … O’side city planners are looking at coastal height limits … Solbeach Chamber of Commerce will hold a sundowner Nov. 3 at the Fish Market eatery.

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