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Residents feel ‘trapped’ by road closure

OCEANSIDE — Residents expressed traffic safety concerns at the April 21 council meeting after Caltrans planted a sign that announced Jefferies Ranch Road will be closed in May, due to fast-moving traffic on State Route 76 and the lack of a stoplight. This will leave the community of approximately 8,000 in Jefferies Ranch with one main road to connect them with SR 76.
“We’re doomed, we’re trapped rats,” John Holtman, a Jefferies Ranch resident, said. “We need another exit.”
Melrose Drive will be the only road out. Dana Corso, a Jefferies Ranch resident, said that one accident on Melrose Drive and SR 76 delayed traffic into Jefferies Ranch for two hours. A bigger emergency has Corso and others worried. “There will be pandemonium when there is a fire,” Corso said.
The city is taking a two-pronged approach to finding a way to ease traffic entering and leaving the community. City Council voted 3-1 on April 21 to fund exploration of roadways that can be built to connect the community with SR 76. In addition to exploring road options, Mayor Jim Wood will work with Caltrans to see if a stoplight can be installed at Jefferies Ranch Road and SR 76 so Jefferies Ranch Road can remain open.
Councilman Jerry Kern cast the no vote on spending $75,000 to explore possible roadways. Kern tried to persuade council to go forward with extending Melrose Drive to North Santa Fe Avenue and give the community an exit south. “Melrose is close to happening, lets put our money there,” Kern said. “With Melrose we can have our second exit and can actually solve the problem in one year to 18 months.”
The council majority supported further exploration of possible roadways and the possibility that a stoplight can be installed at Jefferies Ranch Road and SR 76.
A stoplight is planned to be installed just 100 yards away from the intersection of Jefferies Ranch Road and SR 76 to ease traffic flow to a tomato packing plant. Wood said he will request that Caltrans install the light at the road and state route intersection.
If the light is not relocated and Jefferies Ranch Road is closed, a community process of looking at road access options will begin. The process will include community meetings, road design and request for proposals from builders before construction of a road starts.


cathy lounibos April 30, 2010 at 6:03 am

I suggest doing something (another exit) as the new high school is opening up in 2010 and the traffic near Home Depot is going to be a mess.

Robert Nelson May 2, 2010 at 3:53 pm

To clarify the story, CALTRANS is building a cul-de-sac of Jeffries Ranch Road with an emergency only gated access to 76. They are not allowing a signal there as it is too close to Melrose and 76 for their standards. The city is to study if Jefferies Ranch can be ‘doglegged’ from the cul-de-sac location to the signal being provided for Oceanside Produce owned by the Singh Family. Other options are to add an access roadway to Ranch View Road that had been a temporary access to 76 before Melrose was constructed, this would be the least expensive and easiest solution but may be objectionable to the residents on that street. Another option was to connect the easterly end of Jefferies Ranch to 76 or the Singh Road signal. This solution would be very costly and has a high pressure gas transmission line, lots of rock and environmental issues to overcome. The problem with Jerry Kern’s suggestion is that the EIR is still in process but also has a $30 to $50 million price tag and would in reality take 3-5 years to design and construct. In the meantime CALTRANS and the City of Oceanside have trapped us with previous actions to eliminate other planned exits via Old Ranch Road, Spur Avenue and the planned Secretariat. One ’emergency only’ access at the east end of Belmont Park Road via an easement over farmland to Bautista Road has been blocked with a stout fence by the landowner…we are indeed trapped in an emergency.

Jeffrs Rnch Resident May 28, 2010 at 8:39 am

So, why is the Oceanside Police Department THIS MONTH targeting Jeffries Ranch for rolling stop violations? To rub salt in the wound? For six days this month, they’ve had two or more patrol cars here on Old Ranch and now Spur. If we didn’t feel trapped before…

FreddieFender July 15, 2010 at 9:41 am

They should open ranch view to 76 there already is a street planned there that they demanded to be closed. It is really close to the new light an would give all the trapped feeling people an instant exit.

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