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Resident speaks out against Stump’s Village Market closure

RANCHO SANTA FE — The news that Stump’s Village Market will be closing its doors and leaving Rancho Santa Fe by the end of the year has left many residents disappointed. One such resident is Lindsay Short who has lived in the Ranch since the early 1980s.

During a recent Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors meeting, Short addressed the directors, telling the board that she was deeply concerned about the closing of Stump’s Village Market.

The 10,000-square foot store has served residents for more than two decades.

Short proposed to the Board to consider purchasing the building from the owner of Plaza de Santa Fe, Susan Wooley.

During her input, she provided a list of reasons as to why she thought the community should mull it over.

“It was built by Roger Wooley in 1974,” she said, adding how it was his intention to make it a permanent grocery store for the community. “Many residents have deliberately bought their residences close to Stump’s so that they could walk to the shop in order to buy their groceries. In some instances, some of these residents are no longer permitted to drive.”

Short went on to say that Stump’s also provides a delivery service for its residents. This has provided an additional level of convenience.

She told the board that Wooley is “purported to be seeking” another tenant for this space since the remainder of the building’s lease has been purchased.

This thought of potential tenants has Short incredibly concerned.

“The chaos that will ensue if she is granted permission to build offices on top will be mind-blowing,” she said. Short voiced her trepidations such as limited parking and traffic congestion. If any construction is needed to accommodate a new tenant(s), Short mentioned the additional chaos of dust, cranes, cement mixers and more.

“Imagine what fun it will be for many of us to go to the Post Office,” she said, with a sarcastic tone.

According to Short, the nearest grocery store alternative would be Harvest Ranch in Encinitas.

She went on to describe their Village store as a blessing, also naming the owners, its manager, Matt Basham, and staff members as excellent.

“They have donated and organized the Firefighters Breakfast, Rancho Santa Fe Days, and made many donations to schools,” Short said.

From there, she personally named the team members of Stump’s who have diligently served the Ranch over the years.

“We need to take this into account and show our loyalty and support,” she said. “In the past, our Association has found the funds to acquire a certain Ranch for many millions based on historical value. Surely, we can find the funds to acquire this very necessary support for our community.”

Short ended her comments by saying that she hoped many would agree with her proposal and recommended that the community vote on it.

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