Repairs will restore 8.5 feet to the width of The Strand. Roadwork will be done in fall. Photo by Promise Yee
Repairs will restore 8.5 feet to the width of The Strand. Roadwork will be done in fall. Photo by Promise Yee
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Repairs planned for beachfront roadway after a 30-year wait

OCEANSIDE — The city of Oceanside is partnering with a developer to make long-awaited repairs to a narrow 400-foot section of The Strand.

A stretch of the beachfront roadway north of Wisconsin Street was damaged by a 1980 storm, and has remained from 2.5 to 8.5 feet narrower than the rest of the road for 30 years.

Oceanside resident John Daley takes daily walks along The Strand. He said he’s glad to see repairs coming.

“I’m a walker,” Daley said. “For the last 45 years I’ve taken walks along The Strand instead of the sand.”

Currently the narrow section of the one-way road is a bit of a tight squeeze for cars, bikes and pedestrians. Daley said it’s a challenge to negotiate, especially for beach bike renters who are visiting Oceanside. An extra few yards added to the road width will ensure greater safety.

“There’s not enough room for everybody,” Daley said. “It slows down, and everyone does their best.”

Gary Kellison, city senior civil engineer, said the timing is optimal to complete road repairs. McKellar McGowan LLC is developing a 17-unit condominium project on The Strand where roadwork is needed, and will take care of $161,532 worth of work in front of the property.

City Council approved spending $134,283 in late June to have the rest of the road repaired.

“When its finished it will be 27.5 feet (wide),” Kellison said. “It will improve access along the beach. It’s a good win, win for the public and future residents of the south condominium project.”

Kellison said McKellar McGowan LLC has hired a contractor to do the full stretch of road repair, which involves moving and restacking the riprap that protects the roadway and homes.

Kellison added he is not sure why repairs were not completed earlier, but surmises it was because of other city priorities.

Construction of the condominiums is underway. Road repairs will be done at the end of the project build in fall.