Recycled glass jewelry collection debuts

SOLANA BEACH — “The Bottle Collection” made its debut Nov. 20 at Re-Gallery, 348H S. Cedros Ave. Specializing in sustainable fine art, Re-Gallery’s mission is to provide an alternative to traditional forms of fine art.The fascination with bottles and their different life cycles inspired jewelry artist, Nylie, to launch the Bottle Collection, one-of-a-kind jewelry created from recycled and found pieces of glass bottles. Her favorite expression is “Experience beauty by wearing it.”

The Bottle Collection started one day with a stroll through a local farmer’s markets. A vendor was selling colorful drinking glasses that were recycled from various bottles. Some of them still had the imprint or markings of its former life as a bottle of wine or distilled spirit.

Nylie said, “I had to buy some of these glasses because they were nostalgic and unique, but what I loved most about them was that they were recycled and re-purposed at the same time.” She then noticed the vendor had a bowl flat glass pieces in various colors, the remaining bits after the glasses were fashioned. It didn’t take long before jewelry designs were dancing in Nylie’s head. She purchased a dozen pieces and The Bottle Collection was born.

While designing the Bottle Collection, Nylie also incorporated sea glass she had collected and realized that much of the sea glass came from broken bottles.

For more information, contact Nylie at or Lester at Re-Gallery, (858) 259-2001.