Reckless tax spenders would find themselves in slammer

DEL MAR — “Golden Nuggets,” an eight-page, mimeographed review of village school operations published by the Del Mar PTA in 1970 noted that “money expenditures were closely watched.”
A tidbit therein would make an excellent guide for today’s free spending electeds who spend taxpayers’ money like drunken legislators. They would land in the slammer on bread and water without possibility of parole.
According to Nuggets: In 1939, Ida Elliott, president of the Del Mar School District, summoned Max Siedenburg, the school gardener, to a meeting of the board of trustees to explain a charge of $11.25 that appeared on his monthly bill. He explained that he had to hire a helper to do some work that he was told to do but no money was provided for doing it. (Sort of like today’s unfunded mandates). He used some of his beloved wife’s grocery money to pay the worker. After much discussion a motion was made by the president to pay the bill but it did not receive a second and the motion failed.
At the same meeting Mrs. Tom Kern, representing the PTA, asked for $10 or $15 to be used as seed money to purchase a new ice box for the school. (Ice boxes preceded electric refrigerators).The request was denied.
On a more positive note, it was reported that during vacation the school (now City Hall) was painted inside and out and floors were refinished all for $200.
Principal and teacher Ruth Niemann’s salary was increased to $1,680 for the year and the second teacher was to receive $1,425. Bibles were accepted to be placed in the two classrooms.