The 2005 Ford GT, similar to the one pictured, was stolen from a Rancho Santa Fe home more than three weeks ago. Authorities found the car in Vista, stripped for its parts. The car is one of only 4,038 ever built. Courtesy photo
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Rare stolen car found chopped up, stripped of its parts

RANCHO SANTA FE — Last week, detectives from the San Diego Police Department announced they were looking for a 2005 Ford GT that was stolen from a Rancho Santa Fe home. 

The rare car, which was valued at around $250,000, was recovered — or what was left of it.

According to Sgt. James Kistner of the San Diego Police Department’s Auto Theft Unit, the car was cut into smaller pieces and stripped of its engine, transmission and frame, as well as other parts. Detectives found the chopped up 2005 Ford GT in Vista after following up on an unrelated residential burglary case.

The car, along with other property at the Rancho Santa Fe home, was stolen sometime in the last three weeks. Kistner declined to state the specific date of the burglary, how many suspects were involved and how much property was taken. No arrests have been made in the case.

According to Kistner, the car was likely stripped of its parts in order to avoid detection from law enforcement. Individual parts don’t draw as much scrutiny and are easier to sell to car enthusiasts, he said.

The car, one of 4,038 ever built, was equipped with a 5.4 liter supercharged engine worth about $40,000.

As for the potential whereabouts of the car parts, Kistner said there’s “no shortage of possibilities.” The suspects could try and sell the parts in Mexico or another country. And while Kistner said San Diego doesn’t have a large black market for cars and car parts, a local could potentially purchase the parts without knowing they were stolen.

“Someone could buy the items without being aware they were part of a burglary,” he said.

Kistner said detectives will be monitoring websites and blogs that sell car parts in hopes of tracking down the Ford GT’s engine, frame and transmission. Citizens with information about the whereabouts of the parts or the identity of the suspects should call (619) 533-5710.


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Rob July 30, 2012 at 8:37 am

What kind of knucklehead owns a car like this and doesn’t have it in a private garage with an alarm system? Unbelievable.

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