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Rancho Santa Fe Association’s controller receives promotion

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the start of the meeting, Association Manager Bill Overton announced that its current controller, Don May has been promoted but will still be overseeing the finance department and taking part in the operations.

May’s new title is Finance and Operations Manager.

“Don’s doing a great job,” said Overton, adding how they are currently in the interviewing stages for a new controller. “We hope to have a new controller in place in the next two to three weeks.”

Overton said that the financials from last month were in good shape overall.

Because the Association was on budget, there was no need to offer a variance report.

“We had a discrepancy with how we were reporting golf dues deferred revenue that we discovered that has to do with our accounting program,” said Overton, adding how double entries were being made due to the software.

Overton said this would be corrected.

“No money is missing. Nothing is wrong. It’s just that we need to get the computer talking to us in the right manner,” Overton said.

The Association manager also wanted everyone to know that they have begun the audit process.  While it is roughly a couple weeks behind schedule, he said, a finance committee meeting is slated for Oct. 14 at 8 a.m.

“Immediately thereafter, we will have a special board meeting so the auditor can meet with the finance committee. The subset of the finance committee is the audit group and the board,” he said.

While Overton said that it was suggested he should have one meeting, he decided on two due to the subset of the finance committee who may want to meet with the auditor privately.

Following this, all will reconvene with the full board for a final presentation of the audit, he said.

Overton then broached the subject of streets conditions.

“County roads maintenance, you know, shouldn’t have had to be brought to staff’s attention that the roads in Rancho Santa Fe are in bad shape, but I was reminded of that,” Overton said.

“Recently, we have created a kind of internal task force to address that with the county and get better service.”

Overton also reported that the Association’s communication manager, Christy Whalen, intendeds to launch their new website within the next month.

“We’re really excited about the E-Blast capabilities so that we can email everybody with updates, et cetera, going forward,” Overton said.