Ranch balks at plans to redistrict

RANCHO SANTA FE — After hearing a report on the remapping of assembly and state senate districts, the Rancho Santa Fe Association decided to send a contingent of representatives to speak personally to the redistricting commission when it next meets.
“The early indications are that Rancho Santa Fe might be included in state assembly and state senate districts that have much different boundaries than are currently in place,” said Ivan Holler, covenant administrator. “What is proposed is not in the best interest of the association.”
In the proposed new maps, Rancho Santa Fe is thrown in with many far flung communities with which it has little in common.
The proposed senate district boundaries has Rancho Santa Fe grouped in with Chula Vista and other communities in a long strip that runs all the way to the Mexican border.
“I think a better fit would be to the east or north,” Holler said. “I think that would make much more sense than what we see now.”
The proposed assembly district includes Del Mar and Solana Beach, Coronado and parts of San Diego.
“Being mixed in with a massive population center totally removes our seats from the table,” said Association Director Roxanna Foxx.
Association Manager Pete Smith suggested at the association’s June 16 meeting that while the final decisions have not been made, it might be a good idea for the association to provide either written or verbal comments to the commission in order to protect the best interests of the covenant.
“It doesn’t seem to be a well thought out proposal,” Holler said.
The reshaping of political boundaries is required by law every 10 years and is based on U.S. Census results.
In other association news, a new slate of officers were elected for the fiscal year 2011-2012.
The president is Jack Queen, the vice president is Dick Doughty and the treasurer is Roxanna Foxx.
Parking violators beware. The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, California Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s department will begin cracking down on timed parking in all areas of the Covenant.
In other business, the association voted unanimously to modify the requirements for the non-resident social membership at the golf club for dining privileges only.
The time of prior residency required was changed from 20 years to 10 years.
“It is great for the golf community and great for the golf club,” Smith said.
The association approved the budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year with little input from the community, Chief Financial Officer Steve Comstock told the association.
He said not one person showed up for the public meeting to discuss the budget and the one phone call he gets every year from an association member did not come this year.
“Apparently the residents don’t get as excited about the budget as I do,” Comstock said.
The association also adopted the long-range plan put together by a committee headed by Rochelle Putnam.
“It’s a concise document,” said Director Deb Plummer. “Absolutely outstanding. I enjoyed reading it.”
Outgoing directors Tom Lang and Deb Plummer were honored with gag gifts from the staff of the Association.
Plummer was given the designation of “Best Negotiator,” for her efforts in procuring the new space for the patrol offices, but they were plunked down in front of her in the form of several very large notebooks filled with “terms.”
Lang was given a plaque designating him as “Best Practical Joker,” because, although he announced months ago the patrol office was about to move into new quarters, the effective date kept moving ahead again and again until it began to seem like a practical joke.
The patrol is set to move into its new quarters July 6.
“We finally made an honest man out of Jack,” Smith said with a chuckle.