Rancho Santa Fe

R. Roger Rowe school to issue iPads to its students

Students, parents will also get list of rules for gadet’s use 

RANCHO SANTA FE — Middle school students at R. Roger Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe will be the first to get their hands on iPads when school starts on Aug. 27.

In addition, they and their parents will get a handful of rules about the care and feeding of the new devices and a contract to sign to indicate they understand.

“This has been an ongoing discussion,” said Lindy Delaney, district superintendent, at the Aug. 9 school board meeting. “What we have here is a very specific set of rules when you are handed an iPad.”

First and foremost, the parents and students are informed in the contract that they are responsible for the device and if it is lost, damaged beyond repair or stolen, they are responsible for paying for the replacement of it. The replacement cost of the device will be available on the school’s website.

The rules include stressing the devices are property of the school and not for personal use and students should have no expectations of privacy on the devices. The list of rules stresses that students should not leave the device unattended and that it should be left in its protective case. Also, the recording capabilities should not be used without the school’s prior express permission.

The iPads must be brought to school each day fully charged.

“This is a work in progress since this is the first time. There are things we won’t anticipate,” Delaney said.

Still, there is much excitement attached to the iPads and finding applications for them.

“Seventh grade will have their science book on the iPad,” said Cindy Schaub, assistant superintendent. Schaub has been working practically nonstop along with Ben Holbert, director of technology, to get the program ready for the start of school.

“You don’t have to carry a textbook because it is all right there,” said Jim Depolo, board president.

In other school news, planning for the 2012-2013 is well under way. Enrollment is expected to be at 670 and the administration is looking at some combination classes for second and third grade.

The staffing is complete except for a drama teacher.

“I have six strong candidates,” Delaney said.

She said she would like to get a dance program up and running this year for grades five through eight.

It was announced that the hours of the Halloween carnival will change, ending this year at 3:30 p.m. The younger grades will still have their annual parade through the village.

Delaney said she would like to put more emphasis on community service in the coming year, calling it Community Service Learning.

Each grade level will have its own project, whether it is working with seniors or needy children. Those who excel will be declared Community Service Learning Super Stars and will be given special recognition.

In other school news, report cards for the sixth grade will be changed so that they will give parents more detail of their child’s progress.