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“Project: Plant an Egg” an egg-cellent adventure

CARLSBAD — The second annual Carlsbad Crawl Project: Plant an Egg will take place April 12. Brightly colored and decorated plastic eggs will be hidden in the Carlsbad village streets, each containing a puzzle piece and a log number. Local village lovers and Carlsbad visitors are invited to wander the streets. Egg finders are encouraged to go to to log the number
and share a description of the egg. Ultimately, the logging of the found
egg, and internal puzzle piece, will expose a small section of puzzle on
the Web site. Hopefully, most, or all, of the puzzle will be exposed
through community participation. The goal is to connect the community and
Carlsbad visitors through art and creativity.
Out of the 50-plus eggs to be hidden, a handful, decorated by Snyder Art in
Carlsbad, will provide a chance to win an original Snyder Art painting.
Two paintings have been donated by Snyder Art and are currently hung in
Vinaka Coffee shop. A choice of one out of the two will be offered to the
winner of the give away.
For more information, visit or contact project organizer Bryan Snyder at