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Products that make it less stressful and more convenient to travel

Inventors who love to travel have been hard at work creating products that make it less stressful and more convenient for you to get from here to there. Courtesy photos

Here are this month’s picks:
Original Worm-1Original Worm – They call it The Worm because – well, that’s what it looks like. But that’s where the resemblance ends. This Worm is a portable body and muscle massage roller designed to make those long car rides and plane flights more tolerable. Small enough to pop into your purse, carry-on or gym bag, the Worm helps relieve the knots and tension that come with long hours of travel, an uncomfortable hotel bed or too many hours at the keyboard. Pink or black. $25 to $34. Visit http://www.theoriginalworm.com/.

Suntegrity-lipstick 2
Suntegrity-lipstick – Here’s an idea that’s basic and provides a solution for a universal need (for women, anyway) – a lipstick that combines color with sunscreen (zinc oxide). We can thank Suntegrity for LIP C.P.R, which comes in eight shades and contains an SPF of 30. The lipsticks also provide a moisturizing effect, and contain no parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sulfates and chemical UV absorbers. Comes in eight colors. $28. http://www.suntegrityskincare.com/lips/.

NEET bag
NEET bag – NEET Laptop Bags are the solution to the problem of tangled cords and cables and all the frustration that goes with it. A patented design keeps wires separated and ready to use, so you can make the best of your limited time. These expandable laptop bags have a double layer of foam to protect your device, and a hidden compartment allows you to strap the bag to your luggage. There are additional compartments so it can serve as your second carry-on. The bag’s sleek design eliminates catching or snagging. Comes in black, blue or red. $60. http://neetproducts.com/.

Leisure Leash-girl
Leisure Leash – Many restaurants, hiking paths and other places have become dog-friendly, but leashes are usually required – which means you’ve got to carry yet another thing. Leisure Leash is the answer to following the rules but doing it hands-free – making you and your dog happy. When it’s time to take Fido off the leash, he can carry it himself. The two-part Leisure Leash is constructed from high-quality, strong, colorful nylon and a stainless steel clip. About $22. http://leisureleash.com/.

Maggies - dress2
Maggies – These ingenious magnetic clips are stylish and functional and make it easy to hold in place a shawl, sweater, scarf or sari. Using a Maggie Magnet means that you don’t have to depend on pins and clips that can rip, tear or unravel fabric. You can fasten the fabric to either show off the clip or hide it. Choose from several styles in gold and silver. Maggies come in packs of two, three or four clips. $20 to $30. http://www.mymaggies.com/

Frogglez – Frogglez Goggles is fun to say but they are even better to wear. Made for kids and adults, the goggles were invented and designed by a dad who was frustrated with swim goggles that pulled at the hair (ouch), slid down the back of the head, or were too tight or too difficult to put on and take off. The soft and stabile strap glides over the head, stays in place and is easily removable. And Frogglez float! Comes with a storage bag. $20. www.frogglezgoggles.com or call 855-376-4453.

Wazoo Adventure paracord survival bracelet
Wazoo adventure paracord survival bracelet – I love gadgets that multi-task, and the line of Wazoo survival gear does just that. One of these products – the Adventure Paracord Survival Bracelet – serves as a veritable toolbox-on-your-wrist, performing 16 functions. This all-in-one tool contains a paracord (rated to 550 pounds); fire-starter buckle; liquid-filled, glow-in-the-dark compass; whistle; ceramic knife; ranger bands; first aid tinder packets; surgical tubing; fishing line; Eagle Claw hooks; split shot weights; safety pins; straw; signal mirror; retro-reflector and glow light. Comes in four sizes. $89. http://www.wazoosurvivalgear.com/adventure-paracord-survival-bracelet/.

Salvador Kitti
Salvador Kitti – Wearable art is in, and artist Amy Pugh has produced a line of beautiful purses, totes, key cases and other fashion accessories that reflect her love of nature and animals. The vibrantly colored Purrfect Tote, measures 17 inches by 11.5 inches by 3.5 inches, and sports images of giraffes, turtles, tigers, penguins, polar bears, pandas, and 32 other animals. The size makes it a purrfect carry-on, and the foam padding and water-resistant microfiber means it will hold up. About $39. See products at www.salvadorkitti.com, then buy on Amazon.

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