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Principal is receiving high praise following first term

RANCHO SANTA FE — What a difference a year makes.  R. Roger Rowe Middle School Principal Garrett Corduan has completed his first official term and the feedback has been a resounding success.

“Garrett has been a wonderful addition to our staff and to our school community,” said Superintendent Lindy Delaney. “He has a great personality and the students respect him.”

Delaney pointed out that Corduan’s strong leadership qualities have been admirable as well as his dedication to work tirelessly in his new position.

Initially, the Rancho Santa Fe School District was impressed with Corduan’s background when they brought him onboard.  He served as principal at a Murrieta school for six years, and prior to that, assistant principal and teacher.  As far as the Rancho Santa Fe School District was concerned, Corduan would be a good fit.

And they were right.

“Our families feel Garrett is a good listener, proactive in his approach, does what is right for the students, and looks for ways to enhance the educational experience,” Delaney said.

Kim Pinkerton, K-5 elementary school principal at R. Roger Rowe, said Corduan has brought a sense of levity and positive spirit.

“The first week I heard him talking with students, he connected with them right off the bat because he speaks to them with an appropriate voice and tone,” she said.  “He is very respectful to his students and the kids respond to him.”

While Pinkerton is known for her own special personable connection with children and people, she admits that Corduan has inspired that quality even more for her.

“He is a great addition to our school district and I am thrilled to be able to work with him every single day,” she said.

While Corduan hears such compliments, he is quick to point out that his success in the first year was actually a group effort.  Corduan calls the Rancho Santa Fe School District a diverse team aiming for the success of students.  And he could not have asked for a more welcoming group of people and students.

“I have enjoyed my first year here because the basics of what I needed were here and that included a great administrative team and fantastic students,” he said.  “The students are so mature, capable, and eager to learn so that piece was outstanding; and, I am lucky to work with exceptional teachers.”

While describing the middle school teachers as phenomenal, Corduan said he continues to be impressed with how supportive the parents are.  Corduan wants parents to know how appreciative he has been that they are always there to lend a helping hand to ensure their children are successful.

While Corduan is praised for bringing new ideas to the forefront, he said the input he has received has played a huge role.

“I have been at the end of a lot of ideas but they started from the teachers and parents,” he said.  “One of the great pieces of this community is that they want to give their input and they want to hear how that can fit into a school setting and we work together.”

Looking ahead to the second year, Corduan has more missions on the list.   While adjustments have already been made in their enrichment programs, he said, now he wants to take a closer look at electives and the common core push in math.

“My goals, as I look to next year are to consistently and continually be open, listening, and ready to make moves as they are needed,” he said.  Corduan continued, “I look forward to more conversations with our parents for feedback and from our teachers — because our teachers are the experts.”