Power outage affects more than 500 homes

RANCHO SANTA FE — Friday the 13th began on an ominous note for residents of Whispering Palms when a 10 hour electric power outage occurred. Power failed at 2:28 a.m. and SDG&E crews were alerted at 3 a.m.
“It was old wiring that faulted,” said Chuck Martinez, working foreman for SDG&E. Martinez and his crew worked for 10 hours to resolve the problem and replace wiring. More than 500 homes were affected, primarily those in the Alcala, the Villas, and homes along Avenida Calma, Avenida Feliz, and Via de Las Palmas.
Residents had to rely on the sunrise rather than their electric alarm clocks to get out of bed. According to Holly Herrera, security guard for the Alcala, the long delay had many concerned about refrigerated items and those with electric stoves were unable to cook. Herrera had to help at least half dozen elderly women raise their electric garage doors to get their cars out. “Everyone was very patient, but many were concerned,” Herrera said. “Many weren’t able to cook breakfast and had to go out to eat.”