Post-holiday clean-up clears 3,916 pounds of trash July 5

OCEANSIDE — More than 774 volunteers gathered at five popular beaches July 5 to assist with the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County’s annual post-Fourth of July Morning After Mess beach series. By midday, Surfrider volunteers had recovered 3,916 pounds of trash and recycling, which otherwise would have been washed into the sea, adding to the already critical pollution problem devastating the world’s oceans.
Surfrider volunteers hosted cleanups in collaboration with I Love a Clean San Diego, San Diego River Park Foundation, and San Diego Coastkeeper from 9 a.m. to noon. at the Oceanside Pier and four other beach sites in San Diego proper. These cleanup sites were chosen because of the high concentration of beachgoers and notorious reputations for post-Fourth of July trash.
San Diego Chapter Manager, Mitch Silverstein, said, “The beach is a perfect place to celebrate July 4, but our “Morning After” cleanups show the disastrous consequences our reliance on single-use plastic wreaks upon the environment. Most of what our volunteers pick up could be avoided if we chose reusable items instead of disposable ones. Start simple with reusable bags, reusable water bottle, reusable coffee mug. Those three items will cut your waste footprint drastically, and they’ll help keep our streets and beaches clean.”
The majority, 75 percent, of all trash collected at Surfrider San Diego beach cleanups in 2018 was either made of or contained plastic, which can persist for hundreds of years in the ocean and is toxic to wildlife.
For more information on the Surfrider Foundation San Diego, visit surfridersd.org or contact Chapter Manager, Mitch Silverstein at mitch@surfridersd.org.

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