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Police respond to threats against schools

COAST CITIES — Oceanside police arrested Alex Paul Rodriquez, 61, on Dec. 21 for allegedly leaving a threatening voicemail on the Laurel Elementary School’s answering service, saying that there would be a shooting at the school. 

The message was recorded on Dec. 20 at 4:15 a.m., which stated that there would be a shooting at 11 a.m. the same day. The caller reportedly ended the message with maniacal laughter, according to a press release from the Oceanside Police.

The call resulted in a lock down and police presence at the school.

Police arrested Rodriquez in his home on the 1800 block of College Blvd. the following morning after investigators traced the call back to a cell phone he owned.

Police did not find evidence in his home suggesting that Rodriguez was going to carry out the threat. No firearms were found in his home.

The motive behind the threat has not been established.

Rodriguez was intended to be booked into the Vista Detention Facility for making terrorist threats.

The threat follows an incident at Carlsbad High School where school administration was notified on Dec. 14 that a student reportedly threatened to cause harm at the school on Dec. 21.

The student was identified and high school administration, law enforcement and mental health professionals responded to the threat, according to a statement from the Carlsbad Unified School District. Carlsbad Police increased their presence on campus as a precaution, and no incidents occurred.

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