Planting work day brings scouts to park

COAST CITIES — On Jan. 15, the Solana Ranch Service Unit Girls Scouts gathered at the city of Carlsbad’s Lake Calaveras Preserve for a special effort to make the park greener. The scouts planted many shrubs all around a section of the preserve to restore its conservation and healthy habitat.
Why are these hard-working Girl Scouts doing this conservation movement? First, it will complete one step toward receiving the Silver Award, the second-highest award in Girl Scouting. In addition, is was not just for the award, but for nature. These scouts want to help the environment by planting a substantial number of shrubs in a local park.
“Planting these shrubs will help the community by bringing lots of oxygen to the atmosphere and therefore creating a healthier environment for both people and nature,” one scout from Troop 1106 of Rancho Santa Fe said.
“It’s also fun, because I like helping nature,” another member added.
The Girls Scouts were joined by members of the Carlsbad community who also care about their environment, and their community in the future. It will certainly be greener after this major conservation event.
The Scouts thanked go out to the city of Carlsbad for all its support to the Girls Scouts and the environment.