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Overton re-addresses Association staffing

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the last board meeting, Rancho Santa Fe Association manager, Bill Overton, revealed staffing changes and additions. During the January 2016 board of directors meeting, Overton provided a follow-up.

While Overton is in the process of creating a staffing analysis, currently, he had information to share with the board of directors and members. Overton noted that the topic of staffing was addressed following a response to concerns regarding the budget.

A PowerPoint presentation revealed charts that were familiar to members and directors who were at the December meeting. Overton reiterated that two positions noted on the chart in green were budgeted: communications manager and human resources director.

“We have 150 employees. This is California. The employment law is intense and complicated,” said Overton, noting the need for an HR director. “We also needed a communications manager.”

Overton then moved to two red boxes on the chart which he indicated were positions that he “added on the fly” to meet workload demands.

According to Overton, one was a part-time receptionist, and the other, an assistant to Don May, the operations and finance manager of the Rancho Santa Fe Association.

Part of Overton’s staffing analysis revealed that the part-time receptionist position was not needed and was eliminated.

“That was an experiment on my part for workload. The workload has improved and we don’t have that position anymore,” he said. “So we’re down to one head that I have added on my own that wasn’t budgeted.”

In regards to the budget, Overton told the crowd that he was coming under budget for the current operating year. Overton described his actions as an association manager as hiring more efficiently and noted how he didn’t fill vacant positions immediately.

“The most important number to me in this chart is that if everything stayed the same exactly as it is today, we would end the year $40,000 under budget for payroll. Now, part of that is because we haven’t filled the planner position yet,” Overton said.

He went on to say how he was in the process of interviewing potential planners and weighing options. Overton said regardless of what he does with that position he will bring the Association under budget June 30.

While faces have changed in the Association’s office, Overton said it has been done with a very keen eye on the budget. He also welcomed more discussion and looked forward to reporting back to the audience and board regarding the staffing analysis.

“I appreciate the input and the scrutiny during the last month or so making sure that we’re paying attention to budget,” he said.