Overhead power lines set to go below ground in Oceanside

Overhead power lines set to go below ground in Oceanside
An underground utility district has been designated along Oceanside Boulevard. The goal is to put all unsightly power lines underground. Photo by Promise Yee

OCEANSIDE — Unsightly overhead power lines at Oceanside Boulevard and Crouch Street are set to go underground following a public hearing that will be held by June 5. 

The web of overhead power lines is within the underground utility district that runs along Oceanside Boulevard.

Most of the power lines on Oceanside Boulevard were put underground in 2003, but complications of a business appeal in 2008, lack of funds, and underground contamination issues delayed part of the project.

“SDG&E stopped at Crouch,” city staff said.

Staff added that now that SDG&E funds are available the project is back on track.

The city will contract out the trenching and proper disposal of contaminated soil at the foot of Crouch Street where the Arco gas station is located.

Sempre Utilities will reimburse the city for these costs with funds collected from ratepayers for the conversion project and finish the job.

“SDG&E choose not to get into that component,” city staff said.

Once power lines are relocated below ground, nearby businesses will have their power switched over to the new lines within hours.


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