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Out from behind the clouds in Rancho Santa Fe

As I write this, the sun is shining mercilessly outside my window. The weather is glorious. And have you heard? We are officially out of the drought according to the news in March. I know everyone has been moaning about the weather, the clouds, and of course, I list myself in this category, too. But it looks like this heavy rainy weather has helped us out immensely besides the obvious positive like the mountains in Cielo look lush and green this spring.
I feel as if the clouds have lifted from my spirits, too. This month, life is starting to feel back to normal. I know I have mentioned that a couple of my good friends died last year. This has been rather traumatic, which I’m sure you may understand from grieving over a loved one who just passed. Maybe I am a slow healer. However, I think it’s important to give yourself time to heal and really deal with your emotions, in whichever way is appropriate for you.
The sun has finally found its way out from behind the clouds. Rancho Santa Fe has never looked more beautiful. I read a great quote from a Sophie Kinsella book, “Twenties Girl.” It goes something like this: “Life is like an elevator. It carries you on regardless. You might as well enjoy the view and seize every opportunity, while passing.” I shall remember this, too, as I enjoy the rest of my day.
Around town
On March 11, I received some exciting news regarding one of the Del Mar Little League AAA Teams, The Scrappers. They were on a winning streak during the month of March only losing one game. I have included a photo of the team that definitely captured the pride these young baseball players felt about their winning streak. The good news is it looks like they are having fun, too! Congratulations to the Scrappers and keep up the happy smiles on your faces. If your son is playing baseball in and around the Rancho Santa Fe area, please feel free to share a photo with me at my e-mail listed at the end of the column. I would love to feature their team before baseball season is over.
On March 20, it looks like Hollywood paid a visit to Rancho Santa Fe in “Amazing Race,” style. Casa De Amparo Amazing Race event rose more than $25,000 for abused and neglected children. The event organizers were Linda and Vivian Lee Ford. They both dedicated nine months of their lives to help these children in need. For the Rancho Santa Fe version of this game based on the television show, five teams of four bid $5,000 each last October at the swanky Crystal Ball Gala. Ranch resident Dottie McCrink sponsored the winning team: Natalie Shull, who just happens to be my sister-in-law, was captain; Adam Levins; Jennifer Dos Reis; and Josh Dixon. I have included the group photo of all of those that participated in the successful fundraising event, plus the event organizers. Sometimes certain stories deserve a bit more recognition and this is one of them. How wonderful so many came out to help raise money for Casa De Amparo. For more information on this charity, visit
On March 25, Jacqui Grandi contacted me regarding the San Diego Horse Show Alliance. She wanted me to spread the word regarding their organization. “We have fabulous news! We have secured a few large community sponsors for some of our horse shows.” Then she added that if anyone in the community would like to sponsor a show, to attend the next meeting, which is at 11 a.m. April 7 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds board room. The San Diego Horse Show Alliance would like the also increase the community awareness and increase attendance at the horse shows. If you would like more information on this meeting or this organization, please contact Jacqui directly at If you didn’t know, Jacqui is also a well-known jewelry designer in the San Diego area with a wonderful sense of style!
Later that day, my husband Robin and I had the pleasure of attending the CD release party of local San Diego rock band Silence Betrayed at SOMA, not far from downtown San Diego. Krista Lafferty, assistant advertising manager of the Rancho Santa Fe News and one of my best friends, is engaged to one of the band members, Mike Confer. Well, the night was full of fun, great music and a smashing performance by the band. I have included a fun photo from that night of Krista with her very own entourage. Thanks for the invite and keep finding the foot lights, Silence Betrayed. Your music sounded amazing that evening.
On March 29, I had the great pleasure of meeting one of my favorite people in Rancho Santa Fe, Elaine Gallagher, at Mille Fleurs. We had the best time sharing our stories and just enjoying the wonderful ambiance there. Before I left, I was informed by Marko Dedic, head manager, of some exciting new specials on the menu there. Sunday through Thursday, Ranch residents can enjoy a three-course dinner (with regular portions of the normal menu) for only $40! Vegetarian options have also been added to the menu; under appetizers and dinner choices. Also, don’t forget to make your reservations for Easter and Mother’s Day. You can call Mille Fleurs directly at (858) 756-3085. Mille Fleurs has added charm and high class to Rancho Santa Fe for more than 25 years, with, I might, add the same chef, Martin Woesle. To find out about these new specials and events, go to
Save the date
On May 6, The Kids/Korps/Hugs for Kids Gala will be held at the Del Mar Grande, and tables seat 10. Dinner, dancing, live and silent auctions will be taking place that night. This is a very special night for local Ranch residents. “Hugs for Kids — In Honor of Julien Hug,” will be announced that evening. This charity event will be including special tributes to Julien Hug, plus many photos of him. Ranch resident Julien Hug passed away only just this last November. To reserve your seats for this special evening, go to