Osuna Committee appoints new members

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Osuna Committee recently announced that it has new members that have shown interest in being part of the committee.

Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) board member and chair of the Osuna Committee, Jerry Yahr, recently shared the news at a RSFA board meeting.

“We have four new members,” said Yahr, noting how one was renewing their term.

Yahr made a motion to approve the five new members and the board did so unanimously.

Current Osuna Committee members include Yahr, Kate Williams, Stuart Schouten and Jack Queen.

Joining these existing members are Art Woodrow, Wallace McCoy, Pam Wasserman, Lorraine Kent, and Sharon Ruhnau.

It was noted that Ruhnau’s term ended and that she reapplied as a committee member.

The RSFA owns the Osuna Ranch, a 27-acre property which houses a historic adobe.

In addition to the 1830s adobe building, there is also an equestrian facility on the site.

Members of the Osuna committee help in the continuing efforts of preserving and restoring the property.


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