Orchid expert visits Palomar club

 “Miltoniopsis, Pansies of the Orchid World: Where They Started and Where We Are Now” will be the topic of Arthur Pinkers’ talk at 7 p.m. July 11, hosted by the Palomar Orchid Society at the Carlsbad Woman’s Club, 3320 Monroe St.

Orchid expert Arthur Pinkers’ will speak on Miltoniopsis, called the Pansies of the Orchid World at the upcoming Palomar Orchid Society. Courtesy photo

The genus Miltoniopsis consists of six species native to Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and Columbia. They are cool to intermediate growers and like moist conditions. Hybridizers have produced many magnificent, very colorful hybrids for orchid hobbyists and the general consumer.

Pinkers has been an orchid enthusiast since age 16 when he acquired a plant of Slc. Glittering Jewel (Sl. Gratrixiae x Slc. Hermes) and was infected by the “orchid bug.” Pinkers and his family currently live in Santa Clarita, where he is learning to grow orchids in extreme conditions, very different from his native Pacific Northwest, where he grew up.

Pinkers attended Western Washington University graduating with a B.S. in chemistry and biology and worked as Lab Director for Beall Orchid. His interest in orchids goes over a broad range of types, though botanicals are a special draw. Pinkers has served in most executive positions on the Board of the Northwest Orchid Society and is a Past President. He is an Accredited Orchid Judge of almost 20 years and is the photographer and chairman of information for the Pacific South Judging Region.



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