Optimistic about Encinitas General Plan

Those of us who are working to update the Encinitas General Plan are very optimistic that we will keep the focus of our original General Plan, which was written when our city was incorporated. It is necessary to put all ideas on the table and it is amazing to be with a group of people who have so many varied ideas and concerns for the future of this city. It does not seem to me that this plan is beyond our reach as Councilman Jim Bond stated in The Coast News (July 23, 2010). The General Plan advisory committee sees the challenges we have to face concerning preserving our environment, community character and pressure from overdevelopment. I personally think the community of Encinitas is up to the challenge, we have concerned citizens who take an active part in the process and we want to create a plan that reflects the wishes of our community. I agree with Councilwoman Teresa Barth, that the 2035 themes we have created so far “see what we are now — only better. The future looks bright.” This community deserves nothing less.
Rachelle Collier