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Opinion: Flawed Leucadia Streetscape needs a redesign

By Dave Fletcher

I wish to express grave concerns regarding the proposed LCP AMENDMENT NO. LCP-6-ENC-18-0034-1 known as Leucadia Streetscape, in Encinitas.

Although this project is more than a decade in the works I feel, as planned, this project will have a serious, detrimental effect on our coastal corridor. 

The project involves overhauling a 2.5-mile section of Coast Highway 101 from La Costa Avenue to A Street, Encinitas.

The main part of the project reducing the number of vehicle lanes, creating six traffic circle roundabouts is flawed and will create a dangerous traffic situation for motorist, bicyclists, and pedestrians using Coast Highway 101. 

Reducing the number of vehicle lanes as a means to deter traffic passing through the area is folly. This will inevitably create traffic congestion thereby increasing automobile produced air pollution, and a serious safety hazard for cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists. 

Creating creating six traffic circle roundabouts, four of which will be at now uncontrolled intersections will further hinder the reasonable flow of traffic through this popular coastal areaFurthermore, recently, the City of Encinitas has been notified that they will need to redesign the wide, paved parking areas along the east side of the roadway to make them longer and narrower.

They’ll also have a gravel or decomposed granite surface rather than asphalt, as originally designed. Because their plan encroached upon the railroad corridor also a portion of a regional, 44-mile Coastal Rail Trail may need to occupy part of the now-vacant space between the coastal highway and the railroad tracks.

This decade old project has many flaws and needs to be redesigned. Obviously the situation has changed in this area.

Our population and popularity in the area has increased exponentially since this plan was conceived  Just because the plan was feasible in the distant past, when traffic and area population was far lighter does not make it viable today.

I urge the Coastal Commission to deny permission for this ill-conceived, out of date project, and require the City of Encinitas to either completely redesign or abandon it entirely.

Thank You.

Dave Fletcher, Cardiff By The Sea

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