OMWD launches poster, photo and video contests

ENCINITAS — Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) invites students to be part of its fourth-grade poster contest, high school photo and high school video contests. Each is free to enter for students living within or attending a school within OMWD’s service area.— Fourth-Grade Poster Contest

In its 21st year, the fourth-grade water awareness poster contest encourages entrants to create a poster on the theme “Water for Life.” Deadline for entries is April 1. Artists can depict ways water was vital to San Diego County’s history, is used at home and outside, can be saved around the home, or why the student feels water is important.

Three winners will be selected to compete for the cover of the 2014 North County Water Agencies calendar and will receive a prize and certificate of excellence. Prizes for the winners will be awarded at OMWD’s May 1 Board of Directors meeting and in a special classroom presentation.

— High School Video Contest

This contest is themed around the importance of a reliable water source and challenges entrants to create a video, no longer than two minutes, that encourages water-use efficiency. Deadline for entries is May 1. OMWD asks that students submit footage shot within San Diego County which reflects the value of water to our community, what a good deal water is at less than a penny a gallon, growing supply challenges, or what the future may hold for water in our county.

The judges will score videos based on overall impact, message strength, originality, artistic merit, technical execution and online virality. Prizes of up to $200 will be awarded at the June 12 Board of Directors meeting.

— High School Photo Contest

This contest is designed to help educate the community on the impact water has on daily life and the importance of using it wisely. Deadline for entries is May 1. Whether used for drinking, cooking, bathing, agriculture, or processing clothes, cars, and electronics, water is crucial to our way of life. Entrants are encouraged to submit any photo taken in San Diego County during 2012-2013 that depicts water or a water theme, e.g. water in a puddle = water; a dry river bed = water theme. Images will be judged on overall impact, originality, artistic merit, technical excellence and online virality. Prizes of up to $100 will be awarded at the June 12 Board of Directors meeting.

Winning entries will be displayed in OMWD’s lobby, on its Web site, and at other local venues. More information about the contests is available at