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Oceanside Yacht Club opens the sailing season

OCEANSIDE — With blustery winds blowing, dozens of sailboats, yachts and motorboats left their slips for a short circle around the harbor before parading in front of the Oceanside Yacht Club’s Commodore Karl Walker during the club’s 53rd annual Opening Day on April 3.

Opening Day is yacht club tradition nationwide, signaling the beginning of spring, when, mostly on the East Coast, the ice in harbors has melted allowing yachts and other vessels the chance to sail again.

The day featured a boat parade where club officials judged the boats in several categories, including ships’ crews at attention, the proper use of nautical flags and a proper salute to reviewing party.

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Yachts, sailboats and motorboats circle the Oceanside Harbor before parading in front of the club’s reviewing party for the 53rd annual Opening Day on April 3. Photo by Tony CagalaA crew aboard a sailboat prepares to salute Oceanside Yacht Club Commodore Karl Walker. Photo by Tony CagalaA sailboat parades through Oceanside Harbor. Photo by Tony CagalaOceanside Yacht Club’s Commodore Karl Walker salutes back to club members during the 53rd annual Opening Day. Photo by Tony CagalaA reviewing party from the Oceanside Yacht Club watches on as a sailboat approaches. The judges were scoring for several categories, including what’s called “dressed sail,” where dress flags are used to adorn masts. Photo by Tony CagalaA champagne bottle is tied to the bow of one of the yachts. The bottle would be partly submerged while sailing to keep it cool for consumption later. Photo by Tony CagalaA flag carrier of the Boy Scout Troop 739 helps to present colors during the Oceanside Yacht Club’s Opening Day ceremony. Photo by Tony CagalaJeannie Isbell sings the National Anthem on April 3 at the Oceanside Harbor. Photo by Tony CagalaDavid Albert gives the invocation during the Opening Day ceremony of the Oceanside Yacht Club. Photo by Tony CagalaA member of the Oceanside Yacht Club fires blank ammunition after the introduction of dignitaries and visiting yacht club associations. Photo by Tony Cagala

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