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Oceanside strikes up a MOU with management employees

OCEANSIDE — City Council approved an memorandum of understanding with management employees on June 11 that ensures employees comparable pay to other city employees.

Forty-seven of the 63 management employees of Oceanside brought forth a grievance regarding the “me too” clause that asks that all employees be compensated comparatively.

“The new MOU with the management employees was requested by them because of the clause in the contract regarding comparable compensation with other contracts within the city,” Councilman Jerry Kern said.

“I think the manager (Steve Jepsen) and the human resources director did an excellent job in not only renegotiating a good agreement for the remainder of this contract, we also achieved having the contract extended another year without any PERSable increases.”

The agreement includes a non-PERSable stipend of $2,200 this year and next year for management employees. It also gives a bilingual pay increase to bilingual management employees.

Costs of $163,314 for 2014 and $163,586 for 2015 to uphold the agreement will be paid from the general fund.

The agreement benefits the city budget by putting a cap on insurance contributions for management employees, which is expected to yield a savings in 2016.

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OsidePride June 18, 2014 at 12:44 am

If Councilmembers Kern & Felien hadn’t spent 100’s of 1,000’s of YOUR tax $$$ on outside “consulting reports” rather than using City Staff, or on holding special elections AFTER voters overwhelming rejected Prop. E, or stopped waiving fees for developers, salaries, bonuses and pensions wouldn’t be a problem. DUMP KERN & FELIEN IN 2014.

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