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Oceanside history buff shares knowledge on walk

OCEANSIDE — An eclectic group that ranged from youthful twenty-year-olds, to stroller pushing moms and dads and seniors gathered at the civic center for a mile and a half history walk of downtown Oceanside on April 9. The walk was led by history buff and vice president of the Oceanside Historical Society, John Daly.
On the walk Daly shared history that he gathered from research, oral interviews and living in Oceanside. Daly has led the history tour for over 20 years.
“I found my nitch in a lot of ways,” Daly said. “It’s an interest that has grown over the years for me and that I like to share.”
On the walk he explained the impact of trains in the 1800s.
“Most people have no idea that without the railroad Oceanside would not be what Oceanside is today,” Daly said. “People settled next to the mission. People didn’t recreate at the beach, not like we do now.”
Buildings from the 1920s to 1950s and 1980s were pointed out.
A lot of the 122-year history of Oceanside includes stories of rebuilding. The beach amphitheater was rebuilt four times and the pier was rebuilt six times.
“The first pier was on what we now call Wisconsin Street, the next five were built on Pier View Way,” Daly said.
Daly said his love of history started with his own keepsake family photographs of early Oceanside in the 1800s.
Daly grew up in Oceanside and was one of the founding members of the Oceanside Historical Society that began in 1986, two years before the city’s centennial celebration in 1988.
Daly leads history walks the second Saturday of the month from April through September.
Private history walks can be arranged for groups of 15 or more through the Oceanside Historical Society.
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