Oceanside Council candidate Zack Beck

OCEANSIDE — Twenty-one-year-old youth pastor Zack Beck is ready to bring wisdom, discernment and heart to the Oceanside City Council.
His approach to politics is as fresh and simple as his campaign slogan, “Back Zack for City Council.” “I’m doing this to serve,” Beck said. “I want to see Oceanside be the city it can become.”
Beck has not previously served on an Oceanside commission, board or committee, but says he keeps informed of pressing city issues such as public safety, redevelopment and fiscal responsibility.
Public safety is his first concern. Beck said the drop in crime this year puts Oceanside in a productive light as a safe place to visit and live. Beck said as a council member he will support further efforts to reduce crime.
Beck says he supports redevelopment, but feels it must be done prudently to preserve beaches, open space, and maintain a “themed” look to Oceanside. Beck describes the current redevelopment trends as “hodgepodge,” and says redevelopment should add beauty to the surrounding neighborhood.
He said he recognizes the importance of tourism, but states his priority is to serve the people who live in Oceanside. Beck feels one of his most important qualifications for councilman is that he is ready to listen to the citizens of Oceanside. Beck said he will make himself available by phone, e-mail or by personnel appointment to gather a broad consciousness of Oceanside residents. Beck feels his strength as a good listener is that he does not carrying any special agenda himself. “I do not have an elevated position over them (citizens), I am one with them.”
Beck said he learned to take responsibility at a young age through school, work and family experiences. “I’ll use all my energy to make Oceanside be the best it can be,” Beck said. “I’ll work in conjunction with council members, but most importantly with other citizens in the community.”
For more information on Oceanside City Council candidate Zack Beck, visit www.backzack.org.


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