Oceanside Council candidate Jack Feller

OCEANSIDE — Councilman Jack Feller stands in strong support of development to revive the city of Oceanside. Feller says his unofficial campaign slogan is “Investment is the future of Oceanside.”
The future is important to Feller, who has three married daughters and 14 grandchildren who currently live in Oceanside. Feller says he serves on the council to ensure a prosperous economy to provide for everybody’s children.
“A city of 180,000 has great needs,” Feller said. “It takes a little bit of everything in a community to make it work, whether it’s a concrete plant or an art museum.” Feller said economic prosperity is the key to ensuring public safety, community services and increased property values.
Asked about his vision for the next four years, Feller said he’s looking ahead 30 years. “We need to continue to put in place revenue-producing investments that will supply this growing city the revenues necessary for health and safety at a minimum,” Feller said.
Feller said there is a need to implement innovative approaches to development like performance zoning, which overlays residential and commercial uses.
While Feller says the majority of downtown businesses need to cater to tourism, he also says future development can allow some areas of Oceanside to remain quaint.
“We have great city staff who have contributed greatly to improving the quality of life,” Feller said. “We are moving forward with a lot of great things. Almost everybody’s on board with the progress, and that makes the process easier.”
Feller said his best qualifications for councilman is his eight years of experience serving on the council. “I’ve been a part of working toward the future of Oceanside,” Feller said.
Feller says there’s a lot left to do, such as finish plans to develop the $150 million El Carozon Park. “We absolutely have to have some dollars coming in through business investments to make this work,” Feller said.
“I’m not interested in raising taxes to pay for things, I’m interested in investments in public and private partnership,” Feller said.
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