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Noses on the nose

If there was a wet dog small permeating throughout Del Mar, there was a reason for it. On Sunday, the Helen Woodward Animal Center hosted its 11th annual Surf Dog-A-Thon.

Plenty of dogs and their owners took the waves for a day of surf and the chance to help raise funds for orphan pets and other programs at the Animal Center.

A little dog takes a spill after riding a wave. Photo by Tony CagalaTwo dogs have eyes in front and back as they ride a wave into the beach. Photo by Tony CagalaA dog finds the beach after riding a wave. Photo by Tony CagalaKalana, a golden retriever, has some shark-like tendencies in the water. Photo by Tony CagalaHonzo takes first place in the Surf Dog-A-Thon on Sunday. Photo by Tony CagalaFaith, a rescue dog, gets carried into the waves by his owner for the start of the large dog heat. Photo by Tony CagalaKaylee, a Dalmatian, bails off her surfboard during the large dog surf heat. Photo by Tony CagalaPepper runs from the water after catching a wave. Photo by Tony CagalaFaith has one of the longest wave rides of the day, nearly surfing to main portion of Dog Beach. Photo by Tony CagalaKai, a 3-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, waits for his heat with owner and Encinitas resident April Pasko. Photo by Tony CagalaDerby bails out of a wave. Photo by Tony CagalaHoneybear, a 7-year-old Pomeranian beagle mix chills on the beach in her beach attire before competing in the dog costume competition. Photo by Tony CagalaA little dog finds a snack in some nachos. Photo by Tony CagalaThe annual Surf Dog-A-Thon is hosted by the Helen Woodward Animal Center at Dog Beach in Del Mar. Photo by Tony Cagala


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