North County student accepted to Eton College

COAST CITIES — Eton College in London, England, has educated boys for nearly six centuries. The college continues to develop Henry VI’s original vision by providing a distinctive education, which it aims to make accessible to any talented boy. 

Tristan Thurlow

Last month, Tristan Thurlow, 13, proved to be just such a talented boy. A former North County resident, he has been admitted to this prestigious boarding school where the likes of Prince William and Prince Harry are among a long list of famous graduates. Not only was he admitted, but admitted “with distinction.”

Thurlow was born in England, lived for a time in Zimbabwe, then moved back to England where he started his preschool education. In 2002, his family moved to Fallbrook, to be closer to relatives and his father’s work in the entertainment industry.

For six formative years (preschool through fourth grade) Tristan attended Fallbrook Montessori.

“Tristan was one of those students that teachers love – always asking thoughtful and pertinent questions. Along with an impressive native talent, he had a drive to learn that inspired the students around him. I am not surprised that he has found his way to acceptance at Eton,” said his former teacher, Teresita Leimer.

For his fourth grade year, Tristan attended Santa Fe Montessori School, where Leimer is now Head of School. Leimer was nominated by Tristan to be a Sarah D. Barder Fellow. She was awarded this lifetime honor for her work with gifted students associated with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Thurlow was accepted into this program at age 8, allowing him to attend special summer classes and take advanced online courses.



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