Nonresident golf club memberships on agenda

RANCHO SANTA FE — The issue of offering nonresident associate golf club memberships to former Covenant members will be on the agenda of the Association meeting Feb. 17.
“We decided to notify the entire membership of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant, because it is a community asset and we wanted them to have the opportunity for input,” said Director Roxanna Foxx after the Jan. 20 meeting, where the issue was hotly debated.
Anyone with an opinion is invited to voice it at the meeting at 9 a.m. at the Association’s boardroom.
Those in favor of the golf club’s proposal said they wish to retain their friends and fellow golfers who supported the club for years, but have been forced by circumstance to sell their property and move away. The year-to-year memberships would help pump up the flagging number of club members, which have dropped by 12 percent during the past few years.
Steve Nordstrom, general manager, said at least 100 members have been lost in the past five years and that fewer members are signing up.
Those on the other side are members who argued against the proposal, telling the Association that many people who are not members of the club may not learn about the proposal until it was too late so they would be unable to make a decision about it. Also they warned the Association it was on a slippery slope of diluting the value of regular memberships.

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