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No more playing Superman

My friends from La Mesa just got back from a quick trip to Puerto Vallarta. They have the condo two doors down from mine. They said the weather was perfect and the 18-story bay front condo building was filled with college students. They were there on some kind of multi-college science conference or something like that. These were all bright students with typical college student desires when away from home; conferences in the early day and party the rest of the time. I’m glad I wasn’t there. Cheerleading Championships are coming in next at the end of May. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing all those pretty young ladies but I imagine the noise and partying won’t be any different than the college students. So, maybe it’s best I can’t make it down there yet. Besides, anyone in the real estate related businesses right now understand why. It’s like the gold rush is on again seeing multiple offers within hours of a property hitting the market.But, I really need to go to have my knees checked up. I had double knee Chronoplasty surgery in December and it always takes me seven months to heal from surgeries. Prior to this surgery I had had one previous knee scoping when I was in my forties. My other surgeries, all when I was in my forties was “surfer’s ear” surgery, wrist from a car accident and back surgery when I thought I could play superman and lift a credenza drawer filled with files.

Unfortunately, I thought I was superman again this time too. Six weeks after my double knee surgery I began walking eighteen holes of golf again. Not just once a week but two and three days in a row, one day off and another two or three on. My knees began blowing up like balloons and they hurt. So, I took time off to let them calm down again with the help of returning to my physical therapy routine as well. They’re feeling much better but because there is some lingering puffiness I need to go see my surgeon, Dr. Marron-McNaught, at the Amerimed Hospital in Puerto Vallarta. In my last two columns I wrote about all the new Amerimed Centers being built to USA Health Standards by the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim.

Here is another testimonial from someone who went to a different medical center in Puerto Vallarta but with the same great results. This is Canadian, Shirley Patterson’s testimonial:

Six weeks after my left hip replacement surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I was on the driving range hitting golf balls and quite well I must say. I just felt so great. I had not hit a ball in two years because of my contracting osteoarthritis in both hips. Thanks to Dr. Greig I will soon be back in my world of golf. I hope to be competing back in lady golf tournaments and playing to the capacity I worked so hard to reach.

My right hip had the replacement surgery in January of 2011 and the left hip in July of the same year. In both cases I would have had to wait for two years for surgery, because of the long wait lists in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This situation in Canada, having to wait forever to have surgery, still has not improved. I was very lucky to have my surgeries scheduled very quickly with Dr. Greig who schedules the surgeries for Puerto Vallarta through Med to Go in Phoenix. They provide all the professional detailed arrangements. My Wait time was approximately one month for each of my surgeries.

I received the same great care both in January and July by Dr. Greig and the staff at the Premiere private hospital in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Premiere is a beautiful and clean hospital with private rooms complete with wide screen TV’s. The Physio Therapy and the follow up with nursing care after surgery was incredible. I was pain free in less than three months following each surgery. I cannot believe how my flexibility has returned. Dr. Greig received orthopedic training in USA, Germany and Mexico. The cost of the hip replacement surgery was considerably less in Mexico than in the USA by nearly 66 percent and my accommodations on the 18th floor of the bayside Holiday Inn/Sea River Tower turned the whole ordeal into a one-month vacation as well.

Had I relied upon the Canadian Health Care System, I wouldn’t be writing this letter. Golfing, swimming and even tennis have returned to my life. I can’t say enough about the care, savings and change in the quality of my life since taking advantage of the opportunities afforded me by coming to Mexico. Any person in the condition I was in, which was basically an invalid, should heed my testimony. Socialized medicine sounds good in campaign ads and commercials but reality is so, so different. I am a new woman again by seeking out high quality/low cost medical care in Puerto Vallarta.

Shirley Patterson’s testimonial is not out of the ordinary. Oh, did say my double knee surgery cost me for $4,000? By the way, Chronoplasty meant injecting my own stem cells into bone in order to grow back cartilage on the Tibias where I was basically bone on bone. It is an alternative to complete knee replacement surgery. My surgeon said I’m good to go for another 15 years (if I learn that I’m not superman).

Shirley says to go to for more information on the Physician Group in Phoenix that she used. She says it’s worth the call or Internet visit. Stay healthy Boomers!! We’re not 19 anymore.