No-fee solar permits offered in Encinitas

ENCINITAS — Stellar Solar commercial and residential solar integrators was the first Solar Installer to receive a no-fee solar permit from the city of Encinitas. The permit will be used to install a 4.6kW system on Santa Fe Drive in Encinitas. In an effort to promote sustainability, the city of Encinitas has rolled out a one-year pilot program that waives or reduces permit fees for energy-efficient projects, including:— Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems

— Solar water heating systems

— Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

— Clean Natural Gas (CNG) home refueling systems

“We have already seen Encinitas homeowners becoming more interested in going solar and that’s usually all it takes for us to demonstrate the benefits of going solar for most homeowners,” said Michael Powers, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Stellar Solar. “There are so many affordable solar financing options available now, any opportunity to sit down and explain the program will convince most homeowners of the benefits. Once homeowners get the facts, they see it actually costs less to produce your own power using solar panels, compared to buying it from the power company.”

Encinitas Senior Planner Kerry Kusiak said, “The city of Encinitas is very excited to see this program get off to such a fast start. The primary goal of the program is to speed up the adoption of renewable energy among Encinitas residents. If our program makes more people take a look at solar or electric vehicles, we trust that companies like Stellar Solar will take it from there and educate them further on their options.”