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Nine ways Contour is changing how you watch television

Technology has changed the way we live, and now Contour is changing the way we watch television.

With an image rich on-screen guide, smart search that predicts what you will want to watch, and a voice controlled remote, the all new Contour from Cox offers an innovative way to experience television.

Here are nine ways that Contour will change the way you watch TV:

1. Talk to Your Remote. Simply press the microphone button on your Contour remote and speak into it to change the channel, launch an app, search for your favorite show actor, or genre, or even get a recommendation.

2. Smart Search. The new Contour features an innovative on-screen guide with rich graphics, show and movie posters, and detailed information on more than 35,000 On Demand titles. The new search function predicts what you are looking for when you key in as few as three letters, and will bring up programming by network, title, genre, or actor.

3. Smart Recommendations. The all new Contour helps you discover new TV shows and movies by offering recommendations based on what you like to watch, whether it’s a sitcom, children’s programming, or superhero movies.

4. Apps! Apps! Apps! Launch personalized apps for sports, news, weather and traffic directly from your remote.  Apps can be viewed simultaneously with other programming so you can check the score on your game and not interrupt your current show.

5. Parental Controls. If you want to monitor and limit what the children can watch, the new Contour makes it easy to add security PINs (personal identification numbers) to buy or watch content, and it has a customizable Kids Zone for children of all ages.

6. Watch your shows anywhere in your home, even if there isn’t a television in the room. Just download the Contour app on your Apple or Android device and begin watching your favorite show.

7. The “Last” Nine. An updated ‘Last’ button gives you quick access to the last nine programs you recently viewed so that you can easily resume watching where you left off.

8. Two Terabytes of storage. What is a terabyte, you ask? It’s a trillion bytes, which means you have a huge storage capacity with Contour. Store up to 300 hours of high definition programming and 1,000 hours of standard definition programming, and record six programs at the same time.

9. There’s more? If you start watching a program in one room, you can finish watching it in another room, and enjoy smaller boxes for additional TVs in the home.

Cox Communications’ all new Contour isn’t about watching TV. It’s about the experience. Learn more at, and experience it yourself by visiting a Cox Solutions Store today.

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