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Nifty products solve pesky travel woes

Traveling can present some challenges, so thank goodness there are creative people out there who are always coming up with ingenious ideas to make being on-the-go more convenient. Here are some offerings that will do just that:

CableKeeps. Courtesy photo Core Superfood Protein BarsCozy Sun and Bug Infant Carrier Cover Hood To Go Lap LogNomad Charge KeySafety TatSecret Sweater. Courtesy photos

It’s important to travel light, but it can be difficult to do when you have to plan for varying temperatures and rain. Two clever inventions will help you to be prepared while keeping luggage to a manageable minimum. The Secret Sweater gives travelers the option of layers without the bulk. It’s soft and lightweight, so takes up little room. The length goes just to the waist and sleeves are three-quarter, so thesweater stays hidden under a blazer or jacket. Made in America and comes with a carrying case. $39.99.

You may not get caught in the rain where we live, but there are places where that’s a possibility. Avoid a soggy head with the Hood To Go, a water-resistant, microfiber hood that attaches to a mini-vest and is easily worn under a coat or jacket. Be prepared without adding much bulk. Made in Portland, Ore., and comes with a pouch. $20.

Keeping baby safe from the elements and insects can be a challenge, especially when you head out for many hours. The Cozy Sun and Bug Infant Carrier Cover will keep your baby safe from ultraviolet rays and creepy crawlies, while allowing plenty of ventilation. The cover features a pull-over flap which keeps out the wind and rain. It’s a backless design, and doesn’t interfere with child safety straps on car seats. The elasticized edge allows for easy use and fits around the infant carrier like a shower cap. Great protection for preemies. Recommended for children from 0-12 months and fits all standard car seats. $14.99.

Admit it. You’ve been tempted to tether your child to a leash at least once while visiting a crowded theme park, but you’re afraid what pe   ople will think. Maybe the next best thing is a Safety Tat – temporary tattoos that read “If Lost, Please Call _______.”  Apply on the arm or hand. Several fun varieties available (flowers, ladybugs, dogs, rockets and more). $11-$21.

Tablet lovers — listen up! The Lap Log is a pretty ingeniously designed pillow for your iPad, Omni, Samsung Galaxy etc. It makes using tablets comfortable and ergonomically correct. The Lap Log is filled with natural buckwheat hulls and covered with certified organic cotton twill. No straps or Velcro clips, and it comes in many designs and colors. Remove the wooden tray and voila! It becomes a travel pillow. $39.

Let’s face it; we’ve all become techies to a degree we never imagined, and that means we travel with a bag full of charging cords.

Two recent gizmos help alleviate the aggravation of tangled-cord syndrome.The first is for the iPhone user.

Called CableKeeps (from Nice by Design), these colorful, fish-themed covers fit over Apple charging devices.

They not only keep your cords tangle-free, but provide little platforms on which your phones rest.

CableKeeps come in various colors and are non-toxic, recyclable and compostable.


The second device is a compact portable charger that eliminates the need for a cord and allows you to plug in your device anywhere there is a USB port.

Called Nomad, there are two versions. The Nomad ChargeCard iPhone Lightning Cable is the size of a credit card and works with the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c Lightning iPad, and iPad Mini.

The second version, the ChargeKey, is “the world’s smallest USB cable” and is designed to fit on a keychain.

It works with Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Lumia, LG and others.


Whether on a hike or road trip, carrying food for your favorite canine can be cumbersome and inconvenient.

WellPet has a solution that will please both Fido and master/mistress — Core Superfood Protein Bars.

These bite-size treats are easy to tuck in a backpack or corner of the car, and come in various flavors including turkey/duck, chicken/turkey and salmon.

All snacks are gluten-free and contain no corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

(My granddog, Daisy, is a discerning pooch and she loves them.) 5.5-ounce bag approximately $8.

E’Louise Ondash is a freelance writer living in North County. Tell her about your travels at eo