New school board member selected

RANCHO SANTA FE — Tyler Seltzer was appointed to serve on the Rancho Santa Fe School Board, filling the vacancy of school board member Jim Cimino who was transferred to Texas.
Seltzer who grew up in Rancho Santa Fe and went all the way through the eighth grade at R. Roger Rowe, said he plans to run for the position in 2012.
“The school should be operated as it is, like a family,” he said. “We should be stewards to keep the school moving in a positive direction.”
New School Board member Tyler Seltzer takes the oath of office from Lindy Delaney, Superintendent of the Rancho Santa Fe School District. Seltzer was chosen at a special meeting on Sept. 12 to fill the vacancy created by Jim Cimino who was transfered to Texas.
Seltzer was chosen during a special school board meeting on Sept. 12, where he and five other candidates were given a chance to speak to the board before they made their choice. Each was given a few minutes to introduce themselves and tell about their involvement in the school, answer some questions from the board and explain what they hoped to accomplish in the future.
Also seeking the interim position were Karen Buss, who offered the combination of strong financial experience and an active volunteer Mom.
“My top priority are my kids,” she said.
Lori Cooper, who has lived in the area for 10 years, also offered strong professional skills and experience within the school as a volunteer. “My focus is my kids,” she said.
Lorraine Kent told the board that she has lived in the Ranch for 15 years and wanted to give back to the community. “I’ve thought about his position for many years,” she said.
Heather Slosar, clinical psychologist with a focus on children has five children in the school. “I’ll be here until 2025,” she said.
Robert Jaffe said “I am not coming in with an agenda,” and he acknowledged there would be a learning curve if he were chosen.
Each candidate had previously filled out an extensive application that was viewed by the board.
Seltzer, who is employed in a family owned food and beverage additive business, said he and his wife moved from Carlsbad back to Rancho Santa Fe when it was time for their children to start school.
“Once we had kids we decided it was time to give up the ocean view,” he said.
He said he would have the freedom and flexibility to give to the job of school board member.
Jim Depolo, a board member who himself was appointed more than 10 years ago, asked the others to stay involved in the operation of the school.
“I hope no one walks away disappointed. “You are all involved in the school and we are lucky to have you as parents and supporters.”
School Board President Richard Burdge said no one should leave the meeting feeling like they lost.
“We had six very qualified applications on only one spot,” he said.
He urged anyone who was interested to go ahead and run for election in Nov. 2012.