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New parking permit can solve parking meter struggles

DEL MAR — As part of Del Mar’s contribution toward an economic stimulus plan, the city will soon offer pre-paid parking permits.
The permit allows parking at any meter or pay machine for as long as you wish, any day, any time. The permit owner simply hangs the permit from the rear view mirror and the payment is finished. No more hauling buckets of coins for meter feeding. No more rushing back to the car interrupting a surf session. No more struggling with reluctant children or interrupting barbecues because that parking receipt is expiring.
The permit also allows parking in the shopping area’s time-limit zones for double the posted limit. That would mean up to four hours free parking, time for lunch and shopping. The permits are priced at $700, in comparison to the potential cost of meters, up to $3 per hour, and citations at $40 each. At five hours a week for the meters and one citation a month, a driver could spend $740.
Permits are available at the City Hall Finance Department, 1050 Camino Del Mar, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are no residency requirements.
For more information, call Community Services at (858) 755-1556.