Rancho Santa Fe

New golf program appears a success

RANCHO SANTA FE — A year ago, the Association considered and approved a special category for people who have been forced by circumstance to sell their property and move out of the Covenant, but wish to retain their membership in the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.One of the conditions of the approval is that it be reviewed each year.

Everyone agreed at the April 5 meeting that it couldn’t possibly have been a year since the Association approved the category for nonresident, associate memberships, but it has.

So far, the special membership seems to be a success.

“There are currently 15 members that hold memberships as a Former Resident,” said Pete Smith, Association manager. “The group averages about 15 years as regular members of the club. Also included in the group are two past presidents of the golf club and one past Association board member.”

And it has been somewhat profitable.

“During the past year, there has been $103,000 in dues alone,” said Jim Boyce, membership chairman.

Boyce said the special members generate about $10,000 a month to the club. Not counted, he said, was the amount generated by these members’ use of the restaurant or items purchased at the golf shop.

When the category was proposed, it was hotly debated by about 100 people who attended the Feb. 17, 2011, Association meeting. Not everyone supported the new category, but when the former members came back on board, there was no further outcry.

“It was quite a non-event,” Boyce said. “We got 11 right away.”

Those considered for the special membership have lived and owned property in the Covenant for at least 10 years. They have the same privileges as regular members to use the golf club facilities, but are unable to vote, hold office or use any other Rancho Santa Fe facility.

Boyce said generally people leave the Covenant because of physical, economic or personal reasons that require they move to another area.

Perhaps they are aging and need to downsize or a spouse is put in a convalescent hospital, or they moved for any number of reasons, he said

“Many wish to continue their long association with the golf club they have enjoyed and supported for many years,” he said.

“With the new category they are able to do that,” he said. “Plus, we get back some of our friends,” he said.


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