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New committee will help to update city’s General Plan

CARLSBAD — Several diverse members of the community came together for the first time this month to discuss the future of the city.
The council-approved members of the Envision Carlsbad Citizen’s Committee met at the city offices on Faraday Avenue on Nov. 12 to go over their objectives and a timeline to meet their goals.
City Council approved the committee of 19 members, plus alternates, to work with the community to come up with a vision for the city’s future.
The entire process could take three years, city officials said.
With the city nearing build-out, a term given when most of the city’s planned development is almost complete, officials said they are now looking at sustaining the quality of life for residents.
The newly formed committee is comprised of a cross-section of nine residents tasked with the responsibility to represent either the economic, environmental or social sustainability of the city. Eight resident members will also represent the four quadrants of the city, most will be involved with hosting neighborhood workshops. In addition, two high school students will serve as the “voice” of Carlsbad youth.
Alternates for committee members were also approved by the council.
The first phase will be for the committee to gather information from businesses, clubs and organizations and residents using such means as the neighborhood and community workshops, as well as surveys. The public is encouraged to get involved in the “Public Visioning“ process, which is expected to take a year.
Then, the second phase will be for the committee to help the city translate the results and to provide feedback to update the General Plan, the Local Coastal Program and Zoning Ordinance. The second phase is expected to take two to three years.
A neutral facilitator will run the meetings and the urban and regional planners Dyett & Bhatia have been retained as well.
Mayor Bud Lewis said the committee reminded him of 1984, when there was rebellion over the growth of the city and a citizen’s committee came up with the Growth Management Plan. The plan was voter-approved in 1986 and still provides guidelines for development and the open space within the city.
For more information on the Envision Carlsbad Committee, visit the city’s Web site at