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New art wall planned for Fletcher Cove

SOLANA BEACH — The city of Solana Beach is accepting requests for donation tiles that will be placed on an art wall in the northeast corner of Fletcher Cove Park.
These donation tiles will be similar to the donation tiles that are found throughout Fetcher Cove Park. There will be 40 to 50 donor tile opportunities. Additionally, on the Fletcher Cove Park boardwalk located near the lifeguard station, there will also be an opportunity for five more donor tiles. The cost of each donation tile is $700.
Any revenue received greater than the actual cost of construction will be donated to the Fletcher Cove Community Center Renovation Project.
The writing on the tiles can consist of family names, in memoriam followed by a name, or the name of a nonprofit organization. Each tile can accommodate 40 characters including spaces. Priority will be given to community members and community organizations or parties that do not already have a tile in the Fletcher Cove Park.
If more requests for donation tiles are received than are available, a lottery system will be used to determine the final list. Note that placement of the tiles is random.
If you want to purchase a tile and would like to be included on the list, contact Wendé Protzman at (858) 720-2439 by April 15.