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Musical delivers message of post-9/11 unity

ENCINITAS — The musical, “A Fundamental Change,” by writer/composer/producer Eve Resnik Beutler will premiere at the Lyceum Theatre in San Diego Sept. 19 and continue through Sept. 28. 

Beutler is a local therapist and founder of the nonprofit Cancer Angels.

The post-9/11 plot revolves around the relationship between best friends, from different cultures, facing the aftermath of terrorism both here and in the Middle East.

“‘A Fundamental Change’ is more about the similarities versus the differences between us all — how catastrophes can bring us together and eliminate the tribalism we feel when defined by our particular ‘group,’” Beutler explained. “It’s a story of deep friendship and the unexpected, separate romance it creates between another couple.”

She added: “It is also a patriotic story that focuses on our innate right to be free and desire to be loved and accepted for who we are, cutting through religious, racial and cultural differences.”

Beutler held auditions around the county, casting predominantly professional performers who excelled at all three disciplines: acting, singing and dancing.

Alexis Louise Young, 18, plays the lead character, Hannah.

Young has performed professionally since the age of 12, in productions that include the “King and I” and “The Wiz,” at the Lawrence Welk Resort, the San Diego Civic Theatre and the San Diego Repertory Theatre.

She graduated from Escondido Charter High School last spring and planned to enter Oklahoma City University in the fall to begin studying for a bachelor’s degree in music.

After reading the script, however, Young decided to defer college until the spring semester.

“I don’t know what happened, but something happened the day I auditioned,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘Oh, I have to do this character.’ I was so thrilled when I heard that I got the role.”

She added: “My hope is that people will leave this musical questioning the supposed lines that divide us as humans.

“Religion, sexual orientation, culture, race. We all want understanding, and the answers to our toughest questions. Mostly, we all crave love. While our paths of life may be different, human nature remains the same.”

Beutler said she wrote the musical at her desert home several years ago while recuperating from a serious illness that caused her to become allergic to everything, including her home in Encinitas.

She was relatively isolated from her family during that period, having only the comfort of her dog and a piano.

Once she was able to return to Encinitas, Beutler resumed her work as a family therapist.

It was during this time that she founded Cancer Angels of San Diego to meet the needs of Stage IV cancer patients who could not afford the basic necessities of life.

To date, Beutler says that Cancer Angels of San Diego has prevented more than 300 families, including children, from homelessness and starvation while enabling access to lifesaving treatments. Cancer Angels of San Diego received the Soroptimist Award, grants from Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Foundation, California Foundation for Stronger Communities, Rotary, Golddiggers, San Diego Professionals Against Cancer, the San Diego Parrot Head Club, and many other philanthropic organizations and individuals.

“The silver lining in this exile brought about the creation of a three-song, five-star EP ‘Heroes Trilogy’ to honor the fallen of 9/11,” she said. “Now, after 10 years in the works, A Fundamental Change is ready for its debut.”

Beutler explained that “A Fundamental Change” brings to light the elements of humankind and the desire for peace juxtaposed against ignorance-based violence. It also demonstrates the bonding together through common suffering versus “the obscenity of hate crimes erupting from the darkest fears in misguided soul.”

“Through shifting genres of music — from gospel to classical, rock and rap — ‘A Fundamental Change’ will engage your mind, spirit and heart and move you through the interwoven stories based on truth, both here in the USA and in a foreign land,” she added.

On Sept. 19 there will be an invitation-only performance for military and civil service employees.

Members of the military can email Beutler at for a free admission code. The public may purchase tickets for evening and Sunday matinee performances at or (619) 544-1000. The Lyceum Theatre is at 324 Broadway Circle, San Diego.


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