Mural makes its way to Italy

OCEANSIDE — Ahead of schedule, the 5-foot-by-12-foot canvas, done in acrylics, is ready for travel to Narnia, Italy where student paintbrushes will complete the “fairy tale” theme.The 13 Stardust artist students in the “Angels Program” at Garrison Elementary in Oceanside, worked with Art Instructor Joanne Tawfillis and the Stardust Arts Director Cheryl Ehlers, orchestrated a piece of collaborated youth art work by second- through fifth-grade students. To complete the canvas, it has been shipped to Narnia, Italy where Giuseppe Fortunati and a group of students will complete it and send it back.

In May, when the mural returns, Garrison Elementary students will host a “Pageant of the Masters” where the mural will be on display with additional artwork that represent the common goals of visual arts.

The Stardust art program thanked the parents, and PTO of Garrison Elementary for encouraging their children to keep creativity alive and learn to work together.