Multibillion dollar water bond measure on ballot

Tops rail bond vote
In the 2008 November election, voters approved a $9.9 bil. bond to finance a high-speed rail system. It’s no surprise that the Sacto money spenders are back this time with an $11.1 bil. water bond. No question that water distribution throughout the once Golden State needs fixin’. What is irritating, however, is the cost. Originally, it was touted as a $9.4 billion bond, then Sacto electeds tacked on $1 billion-plus in earmarks. At the top of the spending is adding 25 positions to the State Water Resources Control Board. Time to clean house?
10 percent withholding tax
Wage earners who suddenly found 10 percent less in their pay envelopes learned it was an advance they were making on their state income tax. The sales pitch is that folks who owe taxes will owe less when it’s time to pay up and those due a refund will get a bigger one. How brilliant!
Desal plant under way
After years of processing paper work and jumping through political hoops it appears the desalination plant adjacent to the Encina plant in C’bad will eventually be turning out 50 million gallons daily of potable water from the blue Pacific. Cal Coastal Commish recently gave Poseidon Resources the final permit needed to get the show on the road. Pending court suits could still be a road block but not likely.
High marks
Conde Nast mag, a high-profile publication, has named San Diego International Airport among the top 10 in the nation based on safety, design and location.
Early Christmas hype
It usta be the day after Thanksgiving that stores launched their Christmas promotions and early birds got up at 4 ayem to take advantage of the early specials.
World War II changed that. Folks who had loved ones in the service overseas were urged to mail early so cookies or whatever would arrive on time for Christmas since packages usually went by boat space available. Turned out to be such a great idea that after World War II there is now Santa Claus right next door to a Jack o’ lantern and it’s Christmas in July.
Major projects ongoing
San Diego Assn. of Governments, or SANDAG, officials say the major projects like the expansion of Highway 76 east of O’side are on schedule even tho’ transnet sales tax revenue has declined 6.5 percent. However, cities will be getting less tax revenue, which means neighborhood street maintenance and pot holes won’t be getting much attention.
Deserved recognition
American Legion Post 416 in the Flower Capital recently heaped kudos on Johnny Kentera for 50 years service as a member and contributing to the community in a lotta ways. Jonny never turned away from a worthy community project or to help someone out. During early summers the Hollywood elite who frequented the lounge at the Del Mar Hotel all knew Johnny as the greatest beverage mixer in the bizness. Johnny served them all.
Cartels using students as mules
U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement is warning students not to become the victims of the promise of easy dough by sneaking drugs across the border. These are known as mules. Youths as young as 14 years of age have been arrested. Upon conviction these lawbreakers spend a long time in the slammer. Worth getting paid 50 bux for taking the risk?
Ambulance to bookmobile
San Diego Medical Services has donated a no longer used ambulance to the Flower Capital Kiwanis Club and it is in the process of converting it into a bookmobile. A most worthy sunset era for a vehicle that in its heyday transported the ill and infirmed.
Unique presentation
Cardiffian Mark McNaughton used his video camera rather than a lotta palaver recently at a council meeting to call attention to a serious traffic problem on Manchester facing the San Elijo Lagoon. For his allotted time on the podium his video showed cars speeding, tires screeching, autos careening around a curve and horns honking. He concluded by thanking the electeds and returned to his seat.
Another conversion
The National Orange Show in San Bernardino, once the premiere citrus exposition in the nation, has announced it will turn 1.5 million square feet of the 120-acre ground into light industry, retail and professional operations. Decades ago San Bernardino and its environs rivaled Florida in citrus production. This is no longer true.
Term limits for supers?
Proponents of term limits for the County Board of Supervisors say they have enough signatures for the issue to appear on the June ballot. Needed are 77,837 valid signers. They claim to have collected more than 115,000. Supes Pam Slater-Price and Diane Jacobs were elected in 1992, followed by Ron Roberts in 1994 and Greg Cox and Bill Horn in 1995.
Assemblyman Martin Garrick, of Solbeach, sez the government internship program is going gang busters … Surfside City resident Herschel Price, a longtime vocal opponent of train horn noise, has complained that it has increased since there are more trains now shaking his manse … According to AP reports, casinos, usually among the last to be affected by economic conditions, are now feeling the downturn … The Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure of Breast Cancer Assn. was poised to raise 70 grand during its 24-hour Scrapbooking Marathon held last month … San Diego Derby Dolls, a team of competitive skaters, will be back in action Dec. 12 in Wyland Center at the fairgrounds … Stephanie Stathmann wants folks to know tours are being held Thursday through Saturday at Rancho Buena Vista Adobe in Vista as fundraisers and folks interested can call (760) 752-1082.
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