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More4Families: It’s a great ‘Plan B’

A local San Diego couple, Tom and Linda Martin saw the need for a Plan B. Tom has worked with a Fortune 500 company for the past 31 years, and Linda’s has been a stay at home mom to their son, Luke.However, recently, like others, the Martins have seen changes in their 401k, their stock portfolio and real estate investments. They started to question the security of their retirement, was it slipping away with the economy?Tom thinks back to his grandfather, who taught him “It’s not which way the wind blows, but how you set your sails.” Based on that advice Tom and Linda started looking for their plan “B.” They realized that they definitely needed a backup plan to their original “traditional” plan of climbing the proverbial “ladder” of corporate America and retirement.Tom says “When we thought about our options, we knew they were few and far between, there were ideas out there but they either carried too high a risk, cost too much money or cost too much time. We also thought about businesses that could actually grow in this economy. Most importantly we wanted to find a business that aligns with our values.”The typical plan “B” for most families is for the spouse to simply go back to work or find a second job, not for the Martins. You see, going back to a traditional job was not an option for Linda because their son Luke was diagnosed 13 years ago, at the age of two, with severe autism. Between endless therapies and doctor’s appointments, Linda had a full time job just managing Luke’s special needs. “It hasn’t been easy and although two incomes would have helped tremendously, I had no choice, but to stay at home” says Linda.Tom and Linda decided to take matters into their own hands and joined forces with some like-minded friends. Together, they created More4Families. Their mission is to help families meet their goals of having more time, more income, more balance in their lives, and more security. Linda states “I love that I can help other people, have flexibility to work around Luke’s schedule, grow a business that will give Tom the option to retire early, and still provide for Luke’s lifelong needs. It is our perfect Plan B.”

More4Families is growing despite the economy and two years in, it is obvious to the Martins how very relevant this business is for today’s families.
Tom and Linda are hoping to help more families create a Plan B. Linda says” This is a business that can generate life-long-income, it’s exciting and rewarding and has been a blessing to our family.”

The More4Families organization is comprised of many different people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. The Martins are happy to meet with others looking for “Plan B” and can explain all the details of the business. “It’s simple, we help other families like ours to have a more secure future and we’re thrilled to do so” she added.

Tom sums it up “Our business is very straightforward; we are a marketing organization with a unique business plan. Since there are no sales, inventory, overhead or risk, it’s practical and just makes good sense.” To learn more about this company and read other families stories, visit them online @ or call (858) 876-7563.